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gotrek and felix wikipedia - premise the novels chronicle the adventures of a dwarven slayer named gotrek gurnisson and his poet insurrectionist companion felix jaeger as a slayer gotrek seeks a glorious death in battle to atone for his unknown sins felix bound to him by a dwarven blood oath sworn after a drinking binge is tasked with writing and recording his heroic exploits and ultimately his death, gotrek and felix the anthology warhammer gotrek and - gotrek and felix the anthology warhammer gotrek and felix christian dunn on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers a group of black library authors give their own spin on stories based on and about the iconic characters of warhammer fantasy gotrek and felix stories are by the authors nathan long x2, bloodborn ulrika the vampire warhammer nathan long - in the gotrek felix series ulrika magdova was felix s former love interest she was a kislevite noble daughter to ivan straghov the march warden of the border fighting against the chaos hordes in the north before ulrika was turned into a vampire she traveled with gotrek felix and max schreiber during an expedition to karag dum, black library warhammer chronicles - this website uses cookies to personalise content and advertising and to analyse our traffic by continuing to use this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies, list of warhammer fantasy characters wikipedia - this is a list of many important or pivotal fictional figures in the history of the warhammer fantasy universe these characters have appeared in the games set in the warhammer world the text accompanying various games and games material novels by gw and later black library and other publications based on the warhammer setting by other publishers some have been produced as models m, warhammer fantasy battle wikipedia - warhammer the game of fantasy battles spesso abbreviato in whfb un wargame tridimensionale fantasy prodotto da games workshop nel 1983 ambientato nel mondo di warhammer fantasy ogni giocatore controlla un armata di miniature raffiguranti membri di razze fantastiche quali umani elfi oscuri alti elfi nani non morti come i conti vampiro e i re dei sepolcri orchi uomini lucertola, klingon promotion tv tropes - in an organization with a ranked hierarchal structure you can get a promotion by showing aptitude for the work impressing senior ranked individuals fulfilling certain criteria having a place open up due to retirement resignation or death and probably kissing a lot of ass