The Deep Beyond Cuckoo S Egg Serpent S Reach By C J Cherryh -

heroes in hell wikipedia - heroes in hell is a series of shared world fantasy books within the genre bangsian fantasy created and edited by janet morris and written by her chris morris c j cherryh and others the first 12 books in the series were published by baen books between 1986 and 1989 and stories from the series include one hugo award winner and nebula nominee gilgamesh in the outback by robert, c j cherryh science fiction and the soft sciences - serpent s reach the paladin cuckoo s egg cherryh lists serpent s reach as an alliance union book this whole roman fleuve the books are all connected thing the whatever universe stuff strikes me as hokey and beside the point and usually pretty unconvincing it s one thing to link a series of books around continuing characters and cultures but what is the point of claiming that books, group mind science fiction wikipedia - a group mind hive mind group ego mind coalescence or gestalt intelligence in science fiction is a plot device in which multiple minds or consciousnesses are linked into a single collective consciousness or intelligence its use in literature goes back at least as far as olaf stapledon s science fiction novel last and first men 1930 a group mind might be formed by any fictional plot